Definition Of Love (and how it relates to SEO)

In order to understand what we mean by SEO is love, we have to start with the definition of what love is. If you understand what love is, you can also understand why we love SEO so much in Devenia.

I love keyword research and studying SEO

Does this qualify for the traditional definition of love? Maybe not, but for me SEO has always been something I’m truly passionate about. So, regardless if it fits into the normal way of thinking about love, I really love SEO.

Below are some thoughts about what love is. You can judge for yourself how much can be applied to SEO.

Attraction is not love. But it’s correlated

You might feel extremely attracted to your partner, but it does not mean that you understand the real definition of love. The real meaning of love in relationships is willingly compromising your needs in order to meet the needs or desires of your partner. Sometimes love is wanting to do things for someone that seem like obligations when asked to do it for somebody else. When you love someone, you want nothing more than to make sure they are genuinely happy, whatever that takes, because it is how much you care for them, and because their needs are above yours.

For some, love is not simply being interested physically in someone, but emotional attachment. To help you figure out the meaning of love in relationships, here are a few signs that your feelings are really aligned with the idea of love. Love has become such an intricate emotion, to the point where we are not sure exactly what love means or when it is a real thing. We know, deep down, that Love is not just a feeling, but one which flows outwards in actions to the world.

Passionate love

Passionate love is an intense desire, and is usually accompanied by physiological excitement (shortness of breath, fast heart rate); friends love is attachment and feeling close, but is not accompanied by physiological excitement.

Love is when you cannot do anything without thinking of this person, and always want to be around them. When you are in love, you want to be together all the time, while when you are not, you are thinking of being together, because you need that person, and your life is incomplete without that person. To complicate this entire notion of love, it is possible to love someone without being in love with them, i.e. You may feel really strongly for them, maybe you may even feel like you cannot live without them, but you are not in love with them.

Love for pets

You may have very strong feelings about them, you may even believe you can not live without them, but you do not love them. When you get home, it is nice to be kissed on the face by the dogs, even though you left them all day.

Having love present in the relationship allows us to feel safe and secure, like our partner is the harbor we can go home to. There is platonic love without romance among friends, loving feelings among family members, as well as deep, unconditional love. Love really does involve chemistry, but is different in that it is an emotion that takes time to develop.

Love is action

We would have a healthier concept of love if we understood that love, just as with parenthood or friendship, is a feeling that is expressed in action. What it means to love could be summarized as a strong sense of exhilaration and profound attachment to someone or something. Because far too many women think of love as just that, that word obscures the truth, that is, that you do not love the person who beats you and abuses you repeatedly. Love is misused in the modern world; people say they love someone for how they look, or for the body.

You may have been waiting so long for someone, loving them, waiting for them to love you back, and then not having it reciprocated. Love can be stupid; you can think you are in love, and that leads to the worst feelings in the world. If you do not build up a foundation of loving feelings with your partner, you are going to get bored as soon as that sexual spark wears off. Lust may come on at an instant; love evolves over time, as you learn about the other person on an internal and external level.

Love between sexes is compounded love, composed of respect, mercy, and the animal drive. Love may include individual attachment, sexual desire, platonic admiration, fraternal devotion, benign concern, or adoration with veneration. In the last instance, love is passionate friendship, or intense affection, which arises out of benevolence and respect, as well as from the enjoyment derived from others companionship, civility, and goodwill. ESTEEM are ingredients of the love of God, and the fear of offending God is an inevitable consequence.

The term love is parental love, seen as creating good in the world; it is how God is seen loving mankind, and is seen as the type of love that Christians strive for among themselves. Nor is love the passion expressed by violence, nor is it one that does not express itself at all. Love is not breathlessness, nor is it agitation, nor is it enactment of promises of perpetual passion, nor is it lusting after the spouse every second of every day, nor lying awake at night, picturing him kissing every nook and cranny of your body. Love also takes a ton of energy, it feels really draining, Sarah added, and can lead to seeing an idealised version of the other person, so that is where the phrase “love is blind” comes from.

The mundane things

Loving someone means loving the mundane things in everyday life together too, Sarah explains, and building real commitments to the other person. Different people have different definitions and experiences of love, and each persons differing experiences with love will naturally form their own ideas about what love means. No matter where you fall on the spectrum, if your love life is thriving or lacking, it is pretty obvious that everybody has opinions about love and what it means to have a healthy relationship. You can tell that you are in love with someone if you constantly feel nostalgic for them, have a desperate need to be around them, or you cannot focus on anything else.

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