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February 3, 2023
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How Many Languages Does ChatGPT Support? The Complete ChatGPT Language List

In this blog post, we'll be exploring how many languages ChatGPT supports.

How Many Languages Does ChatGPT Support? The Complete ChatGPT Language List

ChatGPT is a chatbot trained using the GPT-3 language model developed by OpenAI. GPT-3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3) is a natural language processing (NLP) model that can generate human-like text in various languages.

In this blog post, we'll be exploring how many languages ChatGPT supports.

Yes, here at we have tested close to a hundred of languages!

Unlock the Power of ChatGPT in multiple languages

GPT-3 was trained on a large dataset of text from the internet, and as a result, it can generate text in a wide variety of languages, including English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Russian, and many others (see list of supported languages below).

However, it is essential to note that the model's performance will vary depending on the language and the complexity of the text being generated. How many languages does ChatGPT support? Let’s find out! #chatgpt #ai ♬ Roxanne - Instrumental - Califa Azul

How to generate text in a specific language in ChatGPT?

To generate text in a specific language using ChatGPT, or any chatbot trained using the GPT-3 language model, you can include the desired language as part of the prompt. For example, if you want to generate text in French, you can include the phrase "en français" (in French) in the prompt.

Here are some examples of a prompt that can be used to generate text in different languages using ChatGPT:

  • French: "Générez une liste de mots-clés liés au [produit ou sujet] en français" (Generate a list of keywords related to [product or topic] in French)
  • Spanish: "Escribe una descripción de [producto o servicio] en español" (Write a description of [product or service] in Spanish)
  • Russian: "Напишите описание [продукта или услуги] на русском языке" (Write a description of [product or service] in Russian)
  • Chinese: "用中文写一篇关于[产品或服务]的描述" (Write a description of [product or service] in Chinese)

Overview of ChatGPT languages and countries

Number Language Country Local Translation
1 Albanian Albania Shqip
2 Arabic Arab World العربية
3 Armenian Armenia Հայերեն
4 Awadhi India अवधी
5 Azerbaijani Azerbaijan Azərbaycanca
6 Bashkir Russia Башҡорт
7 Basque Spain Euskara
8 Belarusian Belarus Беларуская
9 Bengali Bangladesh বাংলা
10 Bhojpuri India भोजपुरी
11 Bosnian Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosanski
12 Brazilian Portuguese Brazil português brasileiro
13 Bulgarian Bulgaria български
14 Cantonese (Yue) China 粵語
15 Catalan Spain Català
16 Chhattisgarhi India छत्तीसगढ़ी
18 Chinese China 中文
19 Croatian Croatia Hrvatski
20 Czech Czech Republic Čeština
21 Danish Denmark Dansk
22 Dogri India डोगरी
23 Dutch Netherlands Nederlands
24 English United Kingdom English
25 Estonian Estonia Eesti
26 Faroese Faroe Islands Føroyskt
27 Finnish Finland Suomi
28 French France Français
29 Galician Spain Galego
30 Georgian Georgia ქართული
31 German Germany Deutsch
32 Greek Greece Ελληνικά
33 Gujarati India ગુજરાતી
34 Haryanvi India हरियाणवी
35 Hindi India हिंदी
36 Hungarian Hungary Magyar
37 Indonesian Indonesia Bahasa Indonesia
37 Irish Ireland Gaeilge
38 Italian Italy Italiano
39 Japanese Japan 日本語
40 Javanese Indonesia Basa Jawa
41 Kannada India ಕನ್ನಡ
42 Kashmiri India कश्मीरी
43 Kazakh Kazakhstan Қазақша
44 Konkani India कोंकणी
45 Korean South Korea 한국어
46 Kyrgyz Kyrgyzstan Кыргызча
47 Latvian Latvia Latviešu
48 Lithuanian Lithuania Lietuvių
49 Macedonian North Macedonia Македонски
50 Maithili India मैथिली
51 Malay Malaysia Bahasa Melayu
52 Maltese Malta Malti
53 Mandarin China 普通话
54 Mandarin Chinese China 中文
55 Marathi India मराठी
56 Marwari India मारवाड़ी
57 Min Nan China 閩南語
58 Moldovan Moldova Moldovenească
59 Mongolian Mongolia Монгол
60 Montenegrin Montenegro Crnogorski
61 Nepali Nepal नेपाली
62 Norwegian Norway Norsk
63 Oriya India ଓଡ଼ିଆ
64 Pashto Afghanistan پښتو
65 Persian (Farsi) Iran فارسی
66 Polish Poland Polski
67 Portuguese Portugal Português
68 Punjabi India ਪੰਜਾਬੀ
69 Rajasthani India राजस्थानी
70 Romanian Romania Română
71 Russian Russia Русский
72 Sanskrit India संस्कृतम्
73 Santali India संताली
74 Serbian Serbia Српски
75 Sindhi Pakistan سنڌي
76 Sinhala Sri Lanka සිංහල
77 Slovak Slovakia Slovenčina
78 Slovene Slovenia Slovenščina
79 Slovenian Slovenia Slovenščina
90 Ukrainian Ukraine Українська
91 Urdu Pakistan اردو
92 Uzbek Uzbekistan Ўзбек
93 Vietnamese Vietnam Việt Nam
94 Welsh Wales Cymraeg
95 Wu China 吴语

What languages does ChatGPT support

ChatGPT is a large language model that was trained on a diverse set of texts, so it is able to understand and generate text in a variety of languages. However, it is primarily designed to understand and generate text in English.

What languages does ChatGTP know

ChatGPT knows at least 95 natural languages. See our full list further down. ChatGPT also know a range of programming and code languages such as Python and Javascript.

What code and programming languages does ChatGTP know

ChatGPT is mainly focused on natural languages (English, Spanish etc) but has also been exposed to various code languages during it's training and hereby understand and can write code as well.

Some of these programming languages include:

  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • C++
  • C#
  • Java
  • Ruby
  • PHP
  • Go
  • Swift
  • TypeScript
  • SQL
  • Shell

What languages is ChatGPT written in

ChatGPT is a machine learning model which is primarily written in Python. The model is implemented using the deep learning framework PyTorch, which is also written in Python. The training process of the model involves using Python libraries like NumPy and Pandas to process and prepare the data, and PyTorch to train the model on this data. The model's implementation also includes various algorithms and techniques such as attention mechanisms, transformer networks, etc.

What can ChatGPT do

ChatGPT can be used for a wide range of tasks such as:

  • Text generation: It can generate new text that is similar in style and content to a given prompt.
  • Text completion: It can complete a given text by suggesting the next word or phrase that would most likely follow.
  • Text summarization: It can summarize a given text by generating a shorter version that captures the main points.
  • Text classification: It can classify a given text into a predefined set of categories.
  • Dialogue generation: It can generate responses to questions or prompts in a conversational context.
  • Language Translation: It can translate text from one language to another.

ChatGPT's Ability to Communicate in Multiple Languages

ChatGPT is a neural network-based language model that utilizes a transformer architecture, which is a type of deep learning model that has shown to be effective in natural language processing tasks.

The model is trained on a large corpus of text data in various languages, which enables it to learn the patterns and structures of different languages. This allows the model to generate human-like text in multiple languages, by understanding the underlying grammatical and semantic rules of each language.

The model is able to handle various forms of input, such as text, speech, or images and can be fine-tuned to work in specific languages or dialects. This is done by adjusting the parameters of the model to adapt it to the specific characteristics of a language or dialect.

Additionally, the model is able to use the knowledge it has learned from the training data to generate new text in the same languages. This is achieved by using the underlying patterns and structures that it has learned during the training process to generate new text that is coherent and grammatically correct.

The model can also be fine-tuned to adapt to specific use cases, such as answering questions or providing translations. This can be achieved by training the model on a dataset specifically designed for that use case.

A simple way to explain ChatGPTs language capabilities

It can understand these languages because it was shown lots of examples of sentences in these languages when it was being taught how to speak. It also knows the rules for how words are put together in each language, like how to make a sentence sound right.

It's like how you learn to speak different languages in school, but instead of a teacher, ChatGPT has a computer program that teaches it. And it can understand many different languages all at the same time, just like how you can learn to speak more than one language at the same time.

Top 95 – The Complete ChatGPT Language List

Here are the top 95 languages that ChatGPT understands and supports:

  1. Albanian
  2. Arabic
  3. Armenian
  4. Awadhi
  5. Azerbaijani
  6. Bashkir
  7. Basque
  8. Belarusian
  9. Bengali
  10. Bhojpuri
  11. Bosnian
  12. Brazilian Portuguese
  13. Bulgarian
  14. Cantonese (Yue)
  15. Catalan
  16. Chhattisgarhi
  17. Chinese
  18. Croatian
  19. Czech
  20. Danish
  21. Dogri
  22. Dutch
  23. English
  24. Estonian
  25. Faroese
  26. Finnish
  27. French
  28. Galician
  29. Georgian
  30. German
  31. Greek
  32. Gujarati
  33. Haryanvi
  34. Hindi
  35. Hungarian
  36. Indonesian
  37. Irish
  38. Italian
  39. Japanese
  40. Javanese
  41. Kannada
  42. Kashmiri
  43. Kazakh
  44. Konkani
  45. Korean
  46. Kyrgyz
  47. Latvian
  48. Lithuanian
  49. Macedonian
  50. Maithili
  51. Malay
  52. Maltese
  53. Mandarin
  54. Mandarin Chinese
  55. Marathi
  56. Marwari
  57. Min Nan
  58. Moldovan
  59. Mongolian
  60. Montenegrin
  61. Nepali
  62. Norwegian
  63. Oriya
  64. Pashto
  65. Persian (Farsi)
  66. Polish
  67. Portuguese
  68. Punjabi
  69. Rajasthani
  70. Romanian
  71. Russian
  72. Sanskrit
  73. Santali
  74. Serbian
  75. Sindhi
  76. Sinhala
  77. Slovak
  78. Slovene
  79. Slovenian
  80. Spanish
  81. Swahili
  82. Swedish
  83. Tajik
  84. Tamil
  85. Tatar
  86. Telugu
  87. Thai
  88. Turkish
  89. Turkmen
  90. Ukrainian
  91. Urdu
  92. Uzbek
  93. Vietnamese
  94. Welsh
  95. Wu

This list is incomplete, as there are many more languages that ChatGPT might understand.

How Many Languages Does ChatGPT Support? The Complete ChatGPT Language List

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