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April 5, 2023

AI Title Generator For SEO: Leave Your Competitors Behind

Title generators are a great way to create titles for your SEO content and with AI at its core, a title generator can help you outperform your competitors.

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The TL;DR of title generators - What you really need to know:

  • Title generators create suggestions for your title, that you can use as is or edit to your liking. That means you don’t have to start with every piece of content from scratch.
  • Title generators are often powered by AI or machine learning to provide titles that statistically should perform well.
  • includes a title generator that allows you to benchmark titles against your competitors to make sure your content stands out and ranks better.

Titles are extremely important for your SEO content. You basically get nowhere with your marketing efforts without great titles. It’s the first piece of text the search engine crawler and the audience, come into contact with and that means the contents of your title set the stage for the rest of the content piece.

A well-crafted title gives search engines exact information about the topic of the page while motivating the audience to visit the site. If that doesn’t sound easy it’s because it’s not. It’s a balancing act worthy of a line dancer or juggler.

If you’re thinking ‘Hold on are we talking about titles or headlines?’ it’s quite understandable. However, whether you are creating a great title or a great headline, you are essentially working with the same challenges. And most title generators can be used for headlines as well – ours can at least.

So let’s take a look at, what you should be gunning for when you create headlines and titles for your SEO content.

What is a good title for SEO content?

As stated above a good title is a combination of supplying the search engines with the right, and correct, information while not only making sense for the audience but being intriguing.

In short, your title should always:

  • Be concise and reflect the topic of the page.
  • Evoke curiosity or emotion to entice clicks.
  • Contain primary keywords, preferably at the beginning of the title.
  • Consist of between 40-60 characters.
  • Unique in comparison to competitors

Using a title generator can help take the pressure off and generate titles that meet these criteria. With the added bonus of AI optimization, you can trust that the titles will perform well in search engine rankings.

What are the benefits of using an AI title generator for SEO?

Have you ever spent minutes if not hours trying to find the right title for a content piece? The process can be taxing and sometimes inspiration just won’t strike.

A title generator gives you title ideas, suggestions, and specific examples for you to choose from. This eliminates blank-page syndrome, a.k.a. writer’s block. since you only have to tell the generator what you want and press a button. This alone makes writing engaging blog posts more manageable and it only takes seconds to get the first results.

Example of AI title generator included with

The generator also keeps track of how many characters the title contains, so you won’t have to worry about whether your title is displayed in full or cut short – which is really annoying as a copywriter or marketer when you think you have created the perfect title.

The better generators even provide titles that use your primary keywords, but some generators take things a step further to ensure your content outperforms your competitors.

Title generation with

Using a title generator provides you with a frame or scaffold to build your title and it’s a great help, but building a title that meets all the basic requirements isn’t enough. Your competitors are probably building their content and titles on the same requirements, which means there is a risk that they will come up with similar if not identical titles.

Comparing your titles to your competitors means you can make sure your titles are unique, but it can be a strenuous and time-consuming task to search through other companies’ websites and content to compare titles – especially if you are working nationally or internationally.

That’s why we have built the option to automatically compare your title into our title generator.’s title generator not only provides suggestions based on your primary keywords like other generators. It also analyzes your titles and compares them to similar titles across from 300,000 webpages.

This gives you an edge in the crowded online market.

The title generator in uses a giant database to benchmark your title against. This ensures that your title is more likely to be unique, which is becoming more important to Google's ranking algorithm.

With the power of AI at your fingertips, you can leave your competitors behind and take your SEO content to the next level. 

Do you want your titles to outperform your competitors?

Why settle for just good titles when you can have great ones? Learn more about our title generator and try it today to see the results for yourself with our free trial.

The title generator is just one of the features included with the platform. Click here to learn more about the full set of features that will empower you to boost your SEO efforts.

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